The Jitters Of The Festive Season Ft. Ensemble By The Natty Garb.

Hello Natty Readers,

Festive Season = Tuxedo?



This upcoming season is always something to look forward to, especially because of the endless parties we need to attend.

But there’s this certain pressure to get everything right.

One thing most likely gives young men the jitters – the outfit.

Outfit choices usually build up more stress than necessary.

Relax and take a deep breath.

Sure, I set a towel on fire with a hair dryer when I was getting ready a long time back, but I’ve learned a lot since then, and you get all that wisdom of the ages handed down to you here on the blog. (Also, hair dryer safety standards have improved a lot since then.)


Getting dressed for these events can be fun. And there’s one simple trick that, more than any other piece of advice, will guarantee that you’re one of the best-looking guys there: Keep it classic, keep it timeless; and keep it tasteful.


These are all three facets of the same idea — that you want to look like a man who took control of his clothes, not a man whose clothes got draped over him by a relative or a rental tux salesman.

That means staying away from the gaudy offerings you’ll see at a lot of places. Whether you go for a tux or a suit, avoid anything — seriously, anything — that comes in a shiny, plastic-like, brightly-coloured fabric.

Instead, deck yourself out in the powerful elegance of black and white. With just a few tasteful touches of colour here and there you’ll be an impressive alternative to the guys in the goofier, novelty-style “formal” garments.



In my approach to keeping it classic I designed for myself this entire look. A form fitting jacket and straight trousers are the essentials to keep in your wardrobe this season. Keeping it classy with black and just a hint of red to get the ‘not so serious’ vibe going I could attend any formal event or party easily in this outfit.

 So, just remember to keep it simple, tasteful and make sure that it is timeless and you are good to go.


If you are truly convinced by the styles and liked what you just read.  Give it a like and let me know through comments.



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