The Endless Possibilities Of A Denim-Jacket

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Hello Natty Readers,

It’s hard to go wrong with denim, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t always looking for new ways to make the wardrobe staple a little bit more interesting. Each of us have atleast one piece of denim clothing that we never want to dispose of. A jeans? A shirt? An overall? Or maybe the versatile denim jacket?

There is no denying how versatile the denim fabric is, it could be as electric as possible with the Double Denim look or maybe as minimal as possible in the case of pairing it with a white t-shirt.

With very few fashion influencers for men trying to experiment with denim, we don’t get to see a lot of dudes dressed in some ‘not so boring’ denim looks.

The one piece that I believe has endless possibilities is a denim jacket. Throw it on with the right kind of complimentary clothing and you get the most diverse looks possible. Yes, it indeed is possible to create completely different kind of looks with the same denim jacket and trust me you don’t even need to empty your pockets to do so. Sounds great? Doesn’t it.

With the same denim jacket I’ve tried to put together two completely different looks.

image4 (2)



How hard is it to put on a pair of black pants with a black t-shirt? We’d do it on a normal day as well. Feeling a little more adventurous? A denim jacket I believe would be the perfect option to suffice your fashion adventures. This versatile denim jacket is by Splash. Here I’ve tried to do the same as well, so very easily I could turn an ordinary look into a ‘not so ordinary’ one. With the perfect pair of some bright sneakers to add the pop , you’re ready to take the streets by storms.



image2 (5)

(The I want to work but wouldn’t mind a drink after look)

I usually find people appalled by the idea of men wearing floral pants, specially to places of work/college, to narrow it down. Well, its the stereotypes that I want to break. Wearing florals does not bring down your masculinity, the way you style them speaks for you rather. There’s always a balance that needs to be met when it comes to playing with different prints or fabrics. The same denim jacket that you were jumping around in with those red sneakers could be worn with a t-shirt inside and a pair of custom brogues by The Natty Garb to give that semi formal vibe. And if you want it to look a tad bit more formal you could always wear it with a shirt inside instead.

image3 (5)



Turns out breaking stereotypes and repeating clothes isn’t that difficult as we had thought it to be.
So stick to that staple denim jacket for it’s got endless possibilities with completely contrasting yet fun outcomes.

Thanks for reading and do let me know if you like my take on the denim jacket.






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