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People nowadays have made several assumptions in terms of carrying particular colors, but I think there is a very thin line between men and women’s fashion. I mean, floral was never considered to be manly to be worn out as formals or on casual outings.  Colors, prints, or any type of bright and outshining combinations should never be categorized yet you should have the confidence and zeal to carry that in your own way. I experiment with my clothing in every way possible and do what usual people don’t believe in doing. In this particular blog I will talk about how you can change your old pair of shoe and create something really crazy. Scroll down 😉

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I am a sneaker head and I own a lot of pairs. So I thought of doing an experiment on one of my old sneakers which were almost as good as dead. If you have a pair of shoes which you wish to change, you should follow these steps.

Step- 1 – The condition for changing the shoe is, the shoe should be a PU or a leather shoe because we are going to color it with spray paint which may not last long on others as much as they last on these. P.S If you spray paint PU shoes, it is reversible with the help of petrol or nail polish remover.

Step-2- Spray paint the shoe including the sole as spray painting in a particular area is not possible. So go wild and spray it all.

Step-3- Get the same color laces but don’t spray paint the old ones as they become sticky and cracks down when you tie them.

Step-4 – Let it dry overnight and fill the spaces left with spray paint. Do the final touches.

Step- 5 – Wear them with pride as you designed them and you own them.

So if you really love to experiment with laces and stick-on on the shoes then don’t hesitate even once before doing this with your old pairs.

Meanwhile, I created a street style and jazzy look with these shoes. Scroll down to read more 😉


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Take a look at the whole attire, simple yet speaking out loud. Black is color which will never disappoint you, be it a formal wear or a casual one.

Sale season was ON, so I picked up as many black articles as I could. I took these particular slim fit denims from Jack & Jones and the shirt from Zara.

Wearing a shirt like a jacket has always been one of the classic trends in the world, so if you think you got shirts which you have already worn in front of the people and cannot repeat it, try this shacket way. This in particular makes you look presentable and layering as this is, can never disappoint you.

Hats are usually not worn by many people in India, the ones who usually wear hats are aged people. I know I have used this hat to create many looks, but this particular hat is one of my favorites from HnM.

Got a pair of shoe? Are you ready to experiment? Then just get started by showing some love to this particular post.

See y’all



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