Pastel Summer Ft. Self Designed Formal Footwear


Hello Natty People!

This summer, it is getting hard day by day to get on those streets for chill. What color to wear? What fabric to wear to avoid those sweat floods and what not? It’s totally taking over our head. Especially what to wear for those evening get away where even the AC’s don’t work for real.

I’ve got your back. This summer let’s blend some pastels in our life.

So this blog is going to be all about the pastel colors and peerless piece of Monk Strap Shoes designed by yours truly.



Black and White are always a must have, I agree, but this summer the pastel color shirts are actually mandatory to be hanging in your closet. You know, sometimes when your mother gets too generous and gets you stuff which you didn’t even asked for turns out to be perfect. So was this fine shirt from US.POLO ASSN. with perfect peach color and soft as feather fabric. You can wear few accessories on it to style this shirt in your own way too. You can get your favorite picks from some other brands too like FC and Lifestyle store. Roll up the sleeves and you are all handsome-handsome.

unnamed (1)


Its summer and light colors are the best options to go for. If you don’t own a white trouser yet, go get yourself one. White trousers level up your game in terms of fashion and class at the same time. Want one? Head to and purchase it. (Not a sponsored promotion). Styling this particular pastel shirt with white trouser was a must. This combination keeps you all cool from head to toe and you can feel in the vogue because trust me, this combination is very classy for real. Fold the trouser with 2 folds to get it till ankle length and you are good to go. Remember the trouser should be of good fitting because bad fit trousers will make you look bulgy. Try on a straight fit like me or a narrow tight fit according to your comfort.

unnamed (3)


I am a leather design student and love to explore as many types of leather as I can. One day while sourcing I went through this leather with hair on finish with black and white uneven stripes on it. This particular hair-on skin made create this peerless piece of monk strap shoes with patent finish.

These kind of shoes with different texture, finish or maybe color combinations works well with such outfit and are a must have for this summer. You can wear them with any kind of combined outfits. Comfort on feet and fashionable by look. You can get these by just dropping a mail at and get it delivered to your door step. 😉

unnamed (2)0Q6A6037

Wear a supreme pair of nerd or vintage glasses and you can beat the heat with all your fashion. Don’t forget to get that shine on the hair too.

Hope you liked this blog and would love to visit my website for more because I am not gonna stop on giving away some natty ideas on men’s fashion.

Love- Like- Share- Comment.



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