That’s How You Ace A Formal Wear Feat. Self Designed Garment ;)

Hello! Hi! Namaste!

I hope you all are having a good time out there!  If not, you’ll surely have a good time reading this one. I recently designed something which was going on in my mind from a long time. I took inspiration from asymmetrical patterns and designed this beautiful shirt only for men who wish to wear and look off the road.



So, as I said I took inspiration from asymmetrical patterns and created this piece of shirt with some very sharp details. You can notice a round panel which is covering the buttons of the shirt from the top and then displaying the same at it ends. I kept the back of the shirt long and added flares to it so that when we wear this particular shirt, the silhouette of the shirt should form flares. This in particular was done to add a bit of volume on the sides of a men’s garment which is rare to be seen in western wear.

When you walk, the movement of the shirt hits back and forth with the flares in it. You can wear this shirt to the best of the events where you wish to turn heads. I personally wore this particular shirt at the Runway Fashion Week’17 and it turned out to be a really amazing event to attend. This outfit indeed turned heads while I was walking through the stall area of the venue. Now, I’ll show you how you can style this shirt with some amazing options.



I never used to like trousers in person. A pair of super skinny trousers was something I used to wear with every other outfit. After losing on weight and seeing the magic of the fitting of the trousers, I have designed many trousers which you’ll catch soon on the blogs. This trouser in particular is my favorite because of the favorite print and the color. Black and checks have always fascinated me in every way. It makes my legs look perfect and the fit is amazing due to customizing them on my own. So wearing a black plain trouser of check trouser is a good option to go for with this shirt in particular.



I am obsessed with accessorizing my clothes because I am a sucker for details. I brought these really cool badges from old Delhi which represents men in uniform. I took them and placed it near the pocket area of the shirt. This adds on to the value of shirt and even enhances its details.



Going for a fam-bam function or going for a formal event? I’ve got your back. This shirt was in particular made for the add ones. This shirts pattern was cut in such a way that those flares of the shirt blooms and forms a perfect silhouette on the sides of the wearer. You can add a waist coat just like I have done or a formal black blazer which should be buttoned up. This whole attire is perfect for every occasion and will surely make you look sharp and royal.

You can accessorize the waist coat with lapel pins or a beautiful diamond leopard pin which I brought from a jeweler store in Delhi. You can add on a pocket square too, of white color to give your waist coat a few more detailing.




SHOES- Monk/Moccasins/Brogues

Go for formal shoes with this look. Always remember we have to show regard to clothes we wear just by wearing a perfect piece of footwear with it because one bad pair of shoe with such an amazing outfit always spoils the overall impact of the attire. So wear moccasins just like I did or go for monks or brogues.


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