Walk With Your Wild Side Feat. DIY bowties ;)


Hello readers!

I hope you all are having a great time!

It’s getting difficult day by day to deal with stroking heat out there and it’s totally difficult to wear thick clothing even for the best times like weekend. In winters, I accessorize myself with all those heavy mufflers and ascots but to deal with such an unpleasant weather is difficult. I got your back at this one, moving on to the look I have created for you all to carry for those dress to impress nights.


I’m a sucker for all the loud things which pops out in clothing. So, rather than purchasing a bow, I studied its basic pattern and designed one for me. It’s a cheetah print bow-tie which can be tied and can be worn the way I have shown.

My recommendations for every Indian men out there is to own a white fitted shirt with black button details. Reasons: perfect for elegant attire, it suits everyone and is the safest and the most appealing one.


I’m wearing a white fitted shirt from Zara which is easily available throughout the year at their stores. You can even purchase them online. White shirt and a black trouser is now a cliché, so I wore a wine color, light velvet fabric trousers which I designed myself for a double breasted suit seen in the earlier blogs. When you have trousers to flaunt you don’t need a belt to put up the whole look. It’s my personal style of not using the belt with such chic combinations.



Now, moving on to the bow-tie which I made myself out of the cheetah print fabric is totally of different color, yet it is going to match with many combinations, just like the one I am showing you. It perfectly fits this look and pops out as one loud element in the whole look created. You are now totally ready till the ankle to impress the people, but don’t forget about a mod pair of shoe. I am wearing paneled moccasins from Koovs.com which are comfortable and modish at the same time. Hold a glass of drink and you are all elegant to impress the night.




I hope you liked this blog and would love to read more!

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In the pictures and written by:  Rishabh Chadha

Picture clicked by : Amardeep Singh



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