The White Knight; Mr.Button’s Fine Stitched Trouser

Hey readers,

Black is every guy’s favorite color because of the obvious reasons to look sharp and sexy, but what about white? My second purchase from Mr.Button was a sleek white hymn folded trouser with stitch details.

This look is one of my favorite looks till date because it gives me more of colonial vibes.TheNattyGarb_CroofEdits-7


White shirts are always a must have. Whether it is clubbing or a white collar event, white shirts don’t ditch you in any of the situations. I’m wearing a white shirt with black button details from Zara which I carry almost everywhere just by accessorizing it. But in this particular look I have accessorized this look with a hat and a sleek Hand bag designed by myself. I combined this shirt with a white trouser because white on white always look classy and brings out  quite an impressive personality.



This sleek white trouser with folded bottoms was my perfect pick from Mr.Button’s catalog.  This trouser was immensely comfortable and stylish. The stitch details with orange color thread was a good play. People hardly notice details when it comes to clothing but there are a few expections who notice those details and praise you for them. This trouser can be styled with as many colors as you want. I kept it simple yet stylish by accessorizing it with those Black and blue patent monk strap shoes by yours truly.



Monk shoes earlier were not so much into fashion. The western cultures and fashion changes day by day, but for now monk strap shoes are totally in trend and can be carried with any outfit to give it a formal look.TheNattyGarb_CroofEdits-14

Have a close look at the shoes with patent details designed by myself.






White shirt, white trouser and all other things black creates a perfect balance between this look. Bag is again a pure leather bag with PU handles which is designed by myself. This bag is handy and it is modernizes this particular look.

Hats never go out of fashion but it depends on you if you can carry it or not. Summer is the perfect time to carry a hat to get those breezy feels. Bowler hat in particular is my favorite pick from all the hat options. This look asked for it so I wore it and it turned out to give a pretty stylish result.

I hope you liked this blog and would surely try out this Colonial look.



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