Hack In Black; Mr.Button’s Black Shacket

Hey readers,

Everybody loves shopping when it comes to clothing. This time I went a bit off-road in terms of my taste for shopping. I prefer bright colored clothing and loud stuff. I tried a new brand name called MR. BUTTON, this brand specifically pays attention on details like stitch lines, pocket placements, panels and hymn folds. I ordered 2 beautiful articles with such details. I will be uploading 2 blog posts explaining their respected looks.


Black shirts really don’t go out of fashion, they are just perfect for any and every occasion you want to wear them on.

Black zipper shirt had this glace shine in its fabric which enhanced its quality. A good fit shirt is always difficult to find, some have length issues or some of them have shoulder fit problems. This shirt with zipper on the front side just gives you a perfect fitting. You can wear this shirt in many ways, over a Tee-shirt or a sando for those casual occasions. You can wear it by zipping it up like I did. You can also wear it like a shacket with a shirt over a shirt.


I wore a trouser from Bonsoir which was a part of my 3 piece suit. Check print never go out of fashion, they remain trendy and fashionable in formal wear clothing. So, I took the best print to match up this shirt with sleek ankle fit.

When you wear such shirts and trouser you can always match them with sneaker which is the latest trending fashion but here I took this look towards a bling side. I’m wearing sparkle surface shoes from Koovs.com which adds on a little funk even in the formal look. You can try white sneakers and black sneakers with this too. Going overboard, you can try dark red sneakers too!

Watches speak for themselves whenever worn. It is one of the best accessories a man can carry. So wear a matching watch and you are good to go.


P.S- This post is not sponsored by Mr.Button!

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