Tried A Kurta With Two Different Angles? Check This Out!


Hey Readers,

Happy Holi to everyone, Hope this festival fill in all those fashionable colors in your life. I am thankful to everyone for showing so much of love and support so far in this beautiful journey.

Indian festivals and Indian attires always have a soft spot in my heart. Therefore, I love playing with Kurtas and try to bring out as new and crisps patterns and Ideas I can. So, I designed this whole black and white Indian outfit with few line details in it. If you like this one, you can also get this one with just an email 😉



I am a design student so I keep on visiting new places to purchase the fabric from. I purchased a cotton silk fabric and gave this kurta a very comfortable zone. Short kurtas never go out of fashion and not even the long ones. I designed this kurta with a bit of western touch giving a White stripe just on the chest level. This white stripe adds on funk and class at the same time to this amazing outfit and gives me perfect way to combine black and white in the very same outfit. I kept this kurta of shirt length on the front.




Now, as I mentioned that short and long length kurtas never goes out of fashion. Then why not put both of these features in one?  I gave this kurta a totally different pattern with keeping its back longer in length which when worn with sleek pants or denims or maybe trousers, it looks good from back and even better from front. What this kurta does is, it makes people notice you as it makes the person think twice about what you are wearing which is appearing different from both the angles.



I have been uploading blogs with skinny fit denims and pants but this look demands for some lose and more comfortable pants with it. I took the same cotton-silk fabric and designed these lose pants. You can get them ankle length as well. Skinny fit denims with this outfit will look amazing if you want to layer this kurta with a jacket or a blazer though. These pants add on volume to the whole outfit all together.



Accessorizing for me is very important. I feel the outfit stays incomplete without accessorizing your hands or maybe a nerd frame. It adds on to your personality and even makes you more confident.

I took a dark blue watch from Giodarno watches. You can take a white watch from diesel as well which will look even better and well combined with this outfit. You can accessorize your wrists with some bracelets of gold or silver.




Everyone owns perfect pair of white sneakers in shoe rack and If you don’t own one, GET IT! had this amazing collection from native brand which introduced a rubber collection with breathable designs.


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