All Black? Why Not?

Hey Readers,

I know the weather these days is quite amazing, and you really cannot judge whether you are feeling the cold breeze or those harsh tans. If you wear a jacket you feel like removing it and you are not wearing a jacket you feel like snatching one to cover yourself. No worries, because this natty little fellow is going to tell you how to deal with all this in fashion. Let’s get down to some serious fashion studying.

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Long-line jackets or tees were made famous trends by pop singers like Drake and JB. Later, it came into fashion in India and is now even a classic in fashion because it defines someone’s personality. To deal with such fussy weather change, I purchased a long-line black soft cotton jacket from The jacket has amazing details in front with parallel lines and amazing V cut with a slit at the bottom of the back. Long hood adds on to this amazing jacket. Now, I don’t feel like removing it some harsh sunny day and even feel warm enough in the breezy evenings.





Black is my favorite color, it makes me feel confident and even makes my skin tone look fairer. I believe black is everyone’s favorite. What I did was, I did not choose every element of the look of the same shade of black. I choose lighter shade black jacket, few tones darker tee-shirt and lightest shade of black denims. I own more than 20 black tee-shirts with different detailing. You can purchase one from brands like Zara, HnM , Jack&Jones and Splash by Lifestyle, these brands provide you with best of fabrics and longer life even after several wash.



Dark blue denims would even work out with these serious combinations of black. Going with the details of the long-line jacket with white parallel stripes, you can wear rugged white denim which will make this look even better. Experimenting with combinations will always give you amazing results.



shoes are love of my life, I love collecting them in every color, every design, everything that is new and love to design them even more. If you have a complete black look then there should be something which pops out in your outfit, I am wearing these red high-top sneakers I purchased from

You can wear Black shoes too with details of gold, white, red anything which you like. But according to me your shoes should always catch eye, this makes the person notice your outfit for sure.



These golden Nerd frames are one of the favorite accessories for me to carry these days, They go with every other outfit and adds on a bit of Vintage and chic look to them. You can go for normal Nerds available with every eye-wear store or Best- Purchase some local frames get their glasses changed and you are good to go.


I hope you liked this blog and I would love to see how you feel about it. Like – Share – Comment.



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