‘Don’t You Wish Your Boyfriend Was Dressed Like Me’? ;)

Hey readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you feel something in the air? It’s not love, it’s you. And it’s the smell of someone who’s waiting for the day he turns that one head around. So I’m all set to dress you up, modish as ever, to impress your best and make your ex burn with envy. I promise you, if you dress according to my suggestions, you might just get lucky this Valentine’s Day. So let’s start with the camouflage look which is totally into fashion.



Camouflage prints usually suit most people, why not give them a try? Playing safe yet stylish is what you can do this Valentine’s Day. And trust me, camo-prints are actually pretty safe, ask any soldier around the world. Pun intended.

Here’s what I did – I designed a long coat out of canvas camouflage print fabric. Camo-colors are so subtle and pastel that they pop out when we wear them with black. So, I chose a black tee shirt and faded black denims from Jack & Jones. You can also try out a black shirt with a similar coat or even a camouflage shirt available in Zara, Splash by Lifestyle or Jack & Jones. If you think your height is average or above average, then go for long coats without a second thought, and a classy look is your new achievement.



I always love to wear shoes that speak for the whole attire. I love to experiment with gold, silver and sparkles. What I am wearing is a Zara article which is currently available in store. It has a sparkly surface and is gold in color yet it gives more of a blacked out effect due to a black fabric base. Amazing comfort and style is what you get in just 800 bucks from Zara. You can also wear red sneakers with camouflage which is totally in. And quit listening to folks who might say it’s too loud. They forget that we’re here to make a statement that can’t be a hush-hush little whisper, metaphorically speaking.



The print of the long coat is so loud that it does not require any sort of accessory for the same. If you have an Indian army camo-print you can accessorize it with any kind of badge, patch or even something gold and silver.

Nerd frames add funk to your look, but gold plated metal frames are antique and add that vintage touch. They don’t just add that retro-feel to your looks; but they make you feel all decked up too. Try them out; these are easily available at custom shops, local eyewear stores and online stores like Lenskart.



If you are uncomfortable carrying a camouflage print on a date. Go for blacks- as they never ditch anyone. Wear a black shirt or a white shirt. Level up with an ascot/muffler available at Zara and many other premium brands, it won’t hurt your pocket much.( If you want check out my blog – look for those after parties) I would also suggest you make your look even more stylish by experimenting with shoes and wear something bling. Because if you are choosing to go with solid blacks and ditch the camo-print, you’ve got to have something she remembers you by. Needless to say, it should be your personality, but solid visual elements help too.

Now you are ready to impress your girl on that perfect date.



Valentine’s Day is all about love and passion. Red is the most common color and red roses are even more common a gift. This time, wish your girl and impress her by gifting a bunch of “Black roses” as a black rose means the death of old habits and a new beginning. That’s the natty way of doing things, it’s never going to be the usual one 😉





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