Ever Done An Experiment With Formal Trouser? No? CHECK THIS OUT!

Trousers are those fine pieces of garment which make you look sharp and always on point. I loved the time when there was a fashion for colored trousers and you could see a bunch of colors on the road. Blacks, browns and all shades darker are essentials in a trouser for every man. That’s what I think, but why to waste those beautiful prints available in the markets and let them go when you can experiment with them! Fashion is more like science than you might think. The more you experiment, the better results you get. Let’s see which look I created out of a printed trouser.



Paisley is a motif which, when repeated, creates patterns to die for. I designed and brought this shimmer fabric, got it stitched and came up with this beautiful trouser that any man can carry. Ankle length Ankle length trousers are trending these days in men’s fashion, so why reinvent the wheel. We stuck with an ankle length for our printed trouser to keep it slightly familiar, while being unique. You can also try pleats and get a proper pleated trouser stitched from a bespoke store. (or just send me a message over at Instagram or comment right here on WordPress) And if you’re one of those guys who are worried about carrying a designer outfit and think it might hurt your corners, don’t you worry. Because this natty fellow has got you covered, quite literally and quite comfortably. This trouser was comfortable enough and can easily be worn in your day to day routine.



I feel accessories always uplift the attire’s look and make you feel noticed. I took my sister’s neck piece which had this amazing shine and the motif on it was quite cool. I placed the neck piece just near the side pocket of the trouser. Now, even if your print fails to catch the eyes, this will surely turn heads. The neck piece was actually tied between two loops of the trousers so that it does not fall off. This was an experiment which worked out pretty well. See, I told you fashion wasn’t all that different from science. Don’t be shy to experiment with whatever you have available, even if it belongs to your sister. Buns used to be feminine, but look at how men turned it into a symbol of swag 😉 





To keep it more on the casual side, I wore a white tee shirt made up of stretchable cotton fabric. I don’t even have to tell you this, but let’s just put this out there for the uninitiated ones. White tee shirts are easily available EVERYWHERE YOU GO! But hey, check out a store like Lifestyle and Splash or any premium brand if you’re a brand nugget. Always go for stretchable fabrics in terms of comfort and perfect fit. I’m layering the tee shirt with a cotton biker jacket purchased from Koovs.com. This sap green color of the jacket is perfect to match outfits in winters, because it adds a dash of unsaturated yet vivid color to an otherwise somber tone that winter usually comes with. You can give this look more of a formal touch by wearing a white shine shirt; you can also try a print on top of a print if you are good with combinations. But hey, even if you aren’t, you got me!


Biker jackets usually don’t require any kind of accessory because of its sharp pattern but I accessorized it with a text badge which adds a bit of funk in the whole look.




I am obsessed with white shoes because even if the outfit has thousands of colors, white shoes bring together the entire look. You see, white adds a baseline to any color that’s worn with it. Just like any canvas. Most people think that black is their go-to color because it makes them feel safe about what they’re wearing. White can be thought of in the same way. I’m wearing White velcro Zara sneakers which are amazing in comfort and even in style


QUICK FASHION TIP: Prints like hounds tooth, paisley and polka dots never go out of fashion. They were classics and will remain so forever. So, just experiment and create wonders. 😉



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