Dogs Don’t Appreciate Good Fashion Sense, But You Should. Here’s Why


Its been almost 3 months now and I am enjoying this blogging a lot.

I visit clubs and cafe almost every weekend, What I usually notice is that every second guy in the club is carrying their outfit with an ascot, Muffler or a scarf.Vibrant color combinations, Amazing fine-shine shirts, Perfect stitched trousers and Fine pair of shoes give you perfect look for a Saturday night BUT, It should be experimenting Saturday every time we hit the clubs. So here is one simple experimental look you all can have.


So I took a dual-color knitted shawl which my mom used to carry with her dresses. It had tassels on the borders which I removed and cut them off. Now what I had was Dual-color heavy ascot-kum-shawl. I took a basic full sleeves ‘V’ neck Pullover from the New Look. A black shaded denim from Flying machine. To create a good combination from head to toe I  took shiny pair of Golden shoes from Tote’s Gallore.

P.S – My ascot was sort of twinning with my Skippy. 😉

What are you waiting for? Find a moms shawl and experiment with it.




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