If You Can’t Dress Weird, Why Dress At All?

Hello Mitron,

Have you ever felt that you are looking weird but you are still quite confident about the way you are looking. I guess that is the perfect day when you showcase your inner talent to dress well.

So if you can’t dress weird, Then why dress at all?

Be crazy, be sassy, play with what you have and invent new from the old.

So here is one crazy look you all can carry the day you feel too confident about yourself and tend to look a bit weird in your own special way!!

I have taken a Basic Black round neck Tee shirt easily available with any premium or luxury brand. Black Harem pants which are used in your Indian attire and is a must have for every men’s closet. Cardigans are totally taking over the menswear market, So I have purchased a knitted cardigan from Forever21 men. Shoes speak louder than words, So they should always stand out in your outfit, So I took a pair of white sneakers from NU- Numero Uno and a Bowler hat to complete this look.

Why are you still reading it? Be your own kinda crazy and try the look.




Picture credits- Amardeep Singh (Instagram- amar.deep9)

Check out the Instagram for regular updates- @Thenattygarb

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