How To Look ‘Cooler’


When you go out and people turn their heads to laugh or maybe check you out from head to toe- I guess that is the day you stand out in the crowd and look different in your own way! This has happened to me a couple of times. SO, here is something you can carry to look off the ground.

I have taken a Basic blue V neck T-Shirt from New Look available on ,wore a white asymmetric zip up self-designed Shirt.. Took the most unusual colors of stripes and got a perfect stitched Stripes trousers. Paired it with basic White Sneakers from NU-Numero Uno. 

Accessorizing for me is something which brings a different class. So I’m wearing a High design watch from Giodarno which gives you ease on your pocket. A golden bracelet from to complete the whole look.

Now go grab a pair of Stripes trousers and style it in your own unique way.






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